Science and Platform

Science and Platform


Our Vision and Mission

At the core of our mission is the innovative use ofmigrasomes as a drug delivery platform. We harness the unique properties ofmigrasomes to address significant unmet medical needs through:

  • Innovative Drug Delivery Systems: Usingmigrasomes as natural delivery vehicles, we aim to develop high-capacity,versatile systems capable of delivering a variety of signaling molecules withhigh specificity.

  • Disease Diagnosis and Treatment: By exploringthe diagnostic and therapeutic potential of migrasomes, we strive to developnew methods for disease detection and intervention.

What are Migrasomes?

Migrasomes are vesicular structures formed on the trailingedge of retracting fibers during cell migration. They play a crucial role incell-to-cell communication by delivering chemokines, cytokines, angiogenicfactors, and other signaling molecules to specific sites. These bodies arenatural delivery systems evolved by nature, offering advantages such as highcapacity and diversity in cargo, ensuring precise delivery of multiplesignaling molecules.

Our Technological Platform

Leveraging the biological characteristics of migrasomes,Migrasome Therapeutics has developed an engineered migrasome deliverytechnology platform that maintains the high biocompatibility and low toxicityof natural migrasomes. This platform features:

  • Short Production Cycles: Quick and easymanufacturing process.

  • High Modifiability: Internal and externalcomponents can be easily modified to accommodate various types of drugs,addressing key challenges of current biological delivery systems.

  • Targeted and Safe Delivery: Potential to achievetargeted, safe, and efficient delivery of multiple drugs.