Dissect Migrasomes enriched with disease-related signals for biomarker, diagnostics, target discovery/development
Develop therapeutics to treat diseases associated with migrasome abnormalities
Modify natural migrasomes and construct engineered migrasomes for drug delivery
Company Overview

Migrasome Therapeutics Ltd. was founded in April 2022, and is located in the Life Science Park, Changping District, Beijing. It is an innovative biotechnology company focusing on the novel biologies of migrasomes. Migrasomes, discovered and comprehensively investigated by Professor Li Yu’s laboratory, are novel organelles mediating communications between cells and play important roles under normal and disease conditions. Based on these findings, Migrasome Therapeutics strives to discover new targets and develop novel therapeutics for multiple urgent unmet medical needs. Migrasome Therapeutics also seeks to develop disease diagnostic and drug delivery platforms by exploring the unique features of migrasomes.

Prof. Li Yu
Prof. Li Yu

Scientific Founder
Mr. Chuan Luo
Mr. Chuan Luo

Chief Operation Officer
Dr. Leili Ran